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Customer Locations Serviced

We are based in Auckland

And supply customers all over the North Island

and down in the South Island. We also ship overseas

to Australia, and export posters all over the world.

A key part of Copy Colour Printing providing you with 'Quality, Quickly' is our delivery service.

We regularly use:

  • Urgent Couriers,
  • FastWay,
  • Courier Post,
  • NZ Post,

Deliveries in person are also carried out when needed either to maintain contact with regular clients or to meet critical deadlines such as with tender documents.

Recommendations are available on the most appropriate delivery providers for specific jobs, locations, deadlines, fragility, and budgets.  It is all part of us getting the job done - on time, for you.

Regular Order Placement

Copy Colour Printing has customers in many parts of Auckland.  Customers typically supply files for printing by email, or dropbox, and then have their printing couriered to them using either 1 hour, 2 hour or economic overnight courier.

Some clients regularly require shipment to multiple locations (e.g. branches) around the country, and occasionally overseas to Australia, or to other countries.

Some clients like to discuss potential jobs or to collect printing in person, and so come to site. Parking is available outside, 5 mins from the Tristram offramp on the North Shore motorway. Existing clients find this easier than trying to compete for city car parking spaces, or to carry printed materials some distance to parked (or towed/ ticketed) vehicles. See physical address.

Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

Clients outside Auckland typically supply print files by email or dropbox to be printed. Printed products are returned in boxes (or tubes if posters) either by overnight courier or economic parcel post.


A number of clients supply work from Australia by email, for delivery to multiple NZ locations. We have also sent printed product to Australia for international brand and product launches.

Other Countries including UK, United States, ...

Typically this involves production at short notice of bound presentation or training packs, with delivery by courier to a training location in New Zealand. We also export Mathematics posters all over the world for a customer MathSoul (

Delivery services and Costs

Within Auckland

Most regular print jobs fit within the standard weight limits for courier
services as shown below. Indicative delivery charges are:

CBD Courier - Overnight $7,   3 hour $15,  60 min $19

North Shore  Couriers - Overnight $7,   3 hour $10,  60 min $16

West Auckland Courier - Overnight $7,  3 hour $29

South Auckland Courier - Overnight $7,  3 hour $34

GST is additional to these charges. Other delivery services are also
available - please ask for details as needed (

Questions - check our contact details and get in touch.

Anything not clear above? Want to know more? Have a special request?

Questions are always welcome - shoot them through by email (2 hour response weekdays on emails to

Phone now 09 449 2637 in NZ (+64 9 449 2637 outside New Zealand).